about LiNDA

Through its quality and attention to detail fostered by responding to the challenging requests of the nation's clients, LiNDA Inc. is held in high esteem in the industry. The group consisting of a select few is more flexible and can adapt itself to a changing market much more easily compared to a large-scale enterprise. We spare no effort in making our clients' demands for quality images a reality.

Corporate Philosophy

Since its founding in 2003, LiNDA Inc. has produced not only over 200 television commercials but also handled CG imagery for movies, music videos, video game cutscenes, and events. No particular genre; always top quality.

In recent years, the graphics industry has experienced a trend toward not only reduced production costs but also reduced production times. However, given our many years of continued experience in CG work from across all genres, we have extensive creative and technological means of responding to a challenging environment, and we rise to the occasion in tough times. We want to take an independent stance that sets us apart from other CG production companies not only through our made-to-order work but also our original projects and bring the world image work bursting with imagination.

We also founded our Linda Hayama studio to focus on producing more artistic work. Thanks to the growth of our network, the need to conduct the business of CG production strictly in the heart of Tokyo has diminished. To provide a better working environment, we've opened a branch office in the natural beauty of Hayama, located in the Miura District of Kanagawa prefecture and right near Tokyo. With the proximity of the blue sea and the lush green mountains in the background, this studio is a complete about-face from the stifling environments that tend to typify CG production. In your free time, you can come into contact with the life of the mountains and sea, and since so many artists make Hayama their home, you can get a taste of the art world not only through the museum, galleries, but through just setting foot in the town. For CG artists partial to the digital realm, it provides excellent stimulation, and they can make the most of the new ideas inspired there in their work.

Director’s Profile


Born in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka. After graduating from Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of Arts, joined the CG production company Links (currently Imagica). Subsequently worked in the publicity department of Shiseido, Yellow, and Square(currently SQUARE ENIX), and in 2001 became a freelance CG artist. Founded Linda in 2003. As a CG artist and director, continues to create CG work and handle VFX work in a extensive range of genres such as commercials, movies, video games, and music videos but is still engaged in a wide variety of activities through his original work, such as individual exhibitions in galleries in Ginza and Aoyama. Also writes for the magazine CGWORLD and other CG technological publications and has lectured seminars from Autodesk and vocational schools.

1989 Won award at 10th Japan Graphics Exhibition
1991 Awarded Honorable Mention at 59th Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition
1996 Won award at SIGGRAPH'96 which is the festival of Computer Animation, and Awarded Artist at Multimedia Grand Prix of Multimedia Content Association
2003 Certified as a Maya Master by Alias(currently Autodesk , Inc.)
2004-2007 Special visiting associate professor(CG Animation)at Keio University, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.
Employed as 3DCG instructor at NHK's “Digista teens”.


Born in 1976 in Kanagawa.
CG Artist.
After graduating from Tama Art University, worked at a video game firm and afterward joined the CG production company Linda in 2008.
Active mainly in the fields of live-action commercials and film VFX
Creates high-quality images to bring the ideas of many to life.


Born in 1976 in Tokyo.
After graduating from university, studied CG in the U.S., then returned to Japan
Handles CG work at CG production studios and firms
We strive to provide you with the CG expressions you want and explore the possibilities of the medium through the photography techniques necessary to create live-action composite work, special effects, and CG for a wide variety of genres, including commercials, web, exhibitions, and film.


Company Name Linda Inc.
Representative Masashi Sakamoto


Ichigaya Studio
AK Bldg. 3F, 6-1 Gobancho,
Tokyo 102-0076

Hayama Studio
2F, 1070 Horiuchi
Hayama-machi, Miura-gun
Kanagawa 240-0112

Capital 30,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 25
Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Takadanobaba Branch

Business Outline

The planning, production, and all other related business regarding 3DCG and VFX images for commercial film, movies, event films and game movies work using Maya

Main Clients

DENTSU INC., HAKUHODO INC.,NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation),

Associated Company

Griot, Inc., animaroid Inc., Cinegriot Inc.